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Viral Social Deal Technology

Here’s How Viral Social Deal Technology (VSDT) Works:

Your Customer Walks Into Your Store (Or Clicks Onto Your Website) And Scans A Deal With Their Cell Phone.
Then They Are Asked To Connect Through Facebook To Redeem The Deal. Once They Do, We Automatically Collect Their Email, Cell Phone, and

They Automatically Activate The Viral Sharing Technology!!

Then, the Viral Social Deal Technology (VSDT) shares the deal with all of their friends and family! The average user on  Viral Social Deal TechnologyFacebook has 300 friends. can you imagine – If only 10 people redeemed a deal with you every day? That’s a potential of 3000 people a day viewing your deal!

Every Time Someone Redeems A Deal –

The VSDT Also Sends A Message Out To All Their Friends And Family About Your Deal!

That’s what gives it that Viral Component!

Making your business Go Viral! Bringing you more customers on a daily basis!
Each coupon has its own QR code that any smartphone can scan!
Click the redeem button and that’s it!
The coupon is redeemed and can’t be used ever again!

Each, and every, time that someone grabs one of your deals they are added to the database & we can contact them by email, text message and through Facebook!
Text messages have a 98-99% Open And Read rate! Your messages will be seen!
You can market: Special Deals – Special Events – Weekly Discounts – Announcements, and more.

So, what does it normally cost to run a deal on major deal sites? Below is an example:
400 Deals x $30 = $12,000.00  with 50% going to the deal site!  Your cost in this example is $6000, and one of the most important facts is…
You don’t even get the deal buyers contact information from this transaction!
You just have to “hope” they come in and use their coupon!

With our solution Viral Social Deal Technology (VSDT) you are be able to:

  • – Build A List
  • – Attract New Customers
  • – Get Your Customers To Come In More Often & Come BACK!
  • – Have THOUSANDS of People wee your deals and offers! And all for a fraction of the cost of all those deal sites.

Are you ready to have your very own Viral Social Deal Technology?
Save thousands on your marketing costs?
Generate a huge list of customers that you can advertise to on a weekly basis?

*** Let Us Help You Grow Your Business!

Call 1-570-565-9484, Today for your free Social Marketing Evaluation!

You will also receive a personalized plan for using Viral Social Deal Technology to help you grow your business right away!

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