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Bonus Package For Jeff Johnson’s Tube Traffic Secrets 2.0

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Sorry! This offer has closed and this bonus

is no longer available.

I believe if you go ahead and click the link anyway – Jeff will let you download the FREE Cheat Sheets for YouTube Marketing in exchange for your email address – still!

If you are sad that you’ve missed this fabulous offer and bonus, just send your email address to  me on this page – Special Never Miss Another Bonus Offer page – and I’ll add  you to the special list that gets notified the next time we offer one of these! So click the link above or click here to be added![/vc_message][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]


  Tube Traffic Secrets 2.0


Tube Traffic Secrets 2.0

Some of the bonuses that Jeff Johnson is including in his Grand Opening Celebration are listed below:

Grand Opening Bonus Package Worth $3784.00

Special Bonus #1: “Lifetime Access” To The Tube Traffic Secrets 2.0 (TTS 2.0) Membership Site *

Special Bonus #2: “I’ll Buy You A Copy of Camtasia Studio 8 Software * *

Special Bonus #3: “My Highest Converting Email Optin Pages and Templates”

Special Bonus #4: “The Quick And Easy Way To Create Nonstop Traffic With Traffic-Getting Blogs

Special Bonus #5: “Outsourcing Your Way To Less Work AND More Profits

Special Bonus #6: “How To Screencast Like A Pro”

Special Bonus #7: “Camtasia 8 Jumpstart For Windows”

Special Bonus #8: “Camtasia And Screenflow Jumpstart For Mac Users “

Special Bonus #9: “How To Build Massive Lists And Turn Those Lists Into Money

Special Bonus #10: “The Secret To Crushing It As An Affiliate With YouTube Videos”

** 1 More Bonus Just Added Below!

Special Bonus #11:Tube Traffic X-Ray 2.0 Keyword Software and Traffic-Getting Tool”

Video Player Example

Tube Traffic Secrets 2.0 Bonuses!!

Then there are the bonuses I’m adding to help you be successful:

1) Video Analytics Software is the Ultimate Analytics Suite that provides bloggers with live tracking, insightful data, and analysis of what videos are truly consumed on their sites. It not only allows you to track all your embedded videos to all the pages on your site without making any changes to your template, but it also provides you with an admin dashboard login with access to detailed video statistics.

The dashboard also allows for deeper analysis of metadata derived from all your user engagement.

Read through the list of all the features below to get a feeling of what this plugin can do, by clicking here. All of the features are enabled natively. This cool suite works with Google Analytics and many other major brands of software to help you get a very accurate handle on which videos are preforming exceptionally and which ones need to go!

This Video Tool tracks 10 different things, all of which are important to getting the most out of the videos you use for your business!

2) Featured Video Plus – If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?

Featured Video Plus enables you to define Featured videos, which, if set, take the place of Featured Images! There are three ways to get the videos onto your page:

A)  If your theme already makes use of Featured Images, these will in most themes automatically be replaced by your Featured videos if available. YouTube Icon

       Alternatively you can …

B)  Insert the [featured-video-plus]-Shortcode in your posts

      Or …

C)  Manually make use of the PHP functions in your theme’s source files.

Use Video to your Advantage & get Results with this Awesome Video Analytics & Professional Video Plugin Package!

All of this for Free, when you buy …

Tube Traffic Secrets 2.0 through my link.

Of course you probably know that I get a commission if you do and this is my way of giving some of it back to you!

Please don’t hesitate to call 1-570-565-9484 during EST business hours tomorrow (9:30 am-5pm),

Wednesday November 27, 2013, because as all good things must …

Tube Traffic Secrets 2.0                                                                                                  

                             is coming to a close!


That means no one else can get in, possibly forever. I’ve learned from Jeff Johnson for years now, and I personally know he is an excellent, effective teacher that knows his stuff!

It’s not just theory at all!

It’s tried and tested, true results he’s going to be teaching you. I doubt you could find a better teacher on the planet! I know that sounds a bit much, but I believe it to be true, or you know I wouldn’t have said it!

Just think (if you live in the U.S.) if you buy before it closes tomorrow (and it will close tomorrow, I have the word from Jeff himself) then come Thursday, Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S., you’ll have one more, really great thing to be thankful for!!

Don’t be one of the ones that thinks about it until it’s too late and regrets not getting in!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

That’s what the 30 day money back guarantee is for!


It should be called The No Regret Guarantee!

So, you can pick it up for as little as $197 tonight (for 3 payments) OR

Save $100 by paying in full tonight with a one time payment of $491!

It’s your choice.

Again here is the link to see my bonuses that will be added onto Jeff’s bonus package:

Julie’s Tube Traffic Secrets 2.0 Bonus

Click the link above to see many more details about these 2 great products.

If you’d rather have something else, let me know and I’ll let you know whether I can accommodate your wishes.

Send me a note on the Contact form here

if possible attach a copy of your receipt and we’ll send you your goodies, ASAP!


And, before we go, take a look below to see some of the testimonials from Jeff’s clients:

Deliver Results For Our Customers. See For Yourself:

I grew my page from about 60K to just over 100K (subscribers) since taking your (Tube Traffic Secrets) course :)

101,134 YouTube Subscibers… and growing!

Vince DelMonte

Thanks to [Tube] Traffic Secrets, we show up in Google search results and video search results together with other heavy hitters in our niche market and we have Jeff Johnson to thank for it!

Irene Panchuk

A real game changer for us…we are now ranking number one for many of our videos with our most competitive keywords.

We can honestly say that if it wasn’t for TubeTrafficSecrets we would still be struggling to break the top 20.

steven tennies


Tube Traffic Secrets provided much more depth and advanced techniques [than the other YouTube SEO course
I’ve taken] … I was able to get great solid rankings

It’s more than worth the cost of the course.

Dan Maynard


Tube Traffic Secrets solved my biggest problem… allowed me to master a reliable source of traffic, that converts. … taught me how monetize You Tube.

Your products have always been of the highest quality and fully supported. I can’t wait for the release of Tube Traffic Secrets 2.0.

Dave Leffler


… Of all the marketing courses I’ve taken over the last 7 years, this is one of the ONLY ones that actually resulted in an immediate impact to both my online presence as well as my local business

Thanks so much Jeff for making Tube Traffic Secrets both effective and affordable.

Malton A. Schexneider, PT, MMSc

Stop waiting around for a TV producer to call you for your 15 minutes of fame. Create your own TV channel on YouTube and pull traffic and leads FOREVER…. For a non-techie like me, Jeff’s Tube Traffic Secrets course–and especially the dozens of Cheat Sheets–were a lifesaver! I’ve printed them all and tucked them  inside a three-ring binder that’s always within arm’s reach. My videos are getting the most traction on Google+, where they’re helping me connect with influencers who recommend (my) videos to their huge circles of followers. All that exposure is pulling more traffic to my website, building my email list, and enhancing my credibility as a publicity expert.

Joan Stewart


** One last time here is the link to my bonuses to add onto Jeff’s:

  Julie’s Tube Traffic Secrets 2.0 Bonus Package – click here!

** One last time, for those of you who jumped to the bottom of the page 😉 

Click here to see the last Jeff Johnson Tube Traffic Secrets 2.0 Video before it closes down and you can’t get in anymore!

Thank you for checking us out! Come back often and sign up for our mailing list to be kept up to date with the cool things that come on the market both paid and Free!
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