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QR Codes Make Sense – And Dollars – For The Tech Savvy

QR Codes Make Sense - And Dollars - For The Tech Savvy

QR Codes Make Sense – And Dollars – For The Tech Savvy.

QR code shopping for groceries

QR codes are very beneficial to all of the tech savvy that use them whether they are retailers or customers.

They save time and money and give information out easily. With the scan of a code on the side of packaging you can find out everything there is to know about a product or service and take that information home with you if you aren’t ready to buy or want to show someone else. Just by putting your smart phone back in your pocket or purse!

“Retailers such as Walmart and Peapod continue to embrace QR codes to support virtual stores that highlight how easy it is for on-the-go consumers to purchase everyday items via their smartphones.”  according to MobileCommerceDaily

“Because many consumers know what a QR code is and that they can scan one with their smartphone to link to an online site”  as the article in Mobile Commerce Daily written by: says.QR Codes Make Sense

“Marketers are continually trying out various channels to connect with tech-savvy consumers and reach them in a new and unique way. However, getting that initial click-through and seeing it through the entire redemption process is still a challenge for many.” All along it’s been about “Closing the impression-to-redemption loop – Mobile Marketer”

If you’d like to read more about the experiment they did with virtual grocery shopping through QR Codes please click the links above to Mobile Marketer or click here.

Smart marketers and customers everywhere are starting to use QR codes.

Why wouldn’t they? They work well for both sides of the equation!

If you are someone that hasn’t gotten on the band wagon yet, and doesn’t quite know how to yet, just go to the iTunes, or the Android, store and search for a QR Codes scanner or reader, then download it onto your smart phone. They are free! Then start scanning any QR Codes you see. You’ll be amazed at what you can find out!

Last summer when I was shopping for new kitchen appliances they had QR codes on them and I scanned them and then came home and shared the information with my husband and compared different brands until we decided upon the ones we have now in our kitchen.


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