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Mobile Marketing

Because the use of mobile devices is steadily rising,  mobile-sites-example-1-thumbnailit’s important that every business owner consider building a mobile-friendly website.

Those that don’t, risk losing business to those that do… it’s just that simple!.

While all businesses could benefit by having a mobile-friendly or mobile optimized website – which is the more accurate term, some business types will benefit more than others. If your business offers any sort of mobile service, emergency services, or simply appeals to those “on-the-go,” then you fit into that category.

It would be impossible for me to list the business types that I think would benefit the most, but I will give you some examples, to help you determine whether your business could benefit from a mobile optimized, a mobile friendly site and …

                                                     mobile marketing.

What is a mobile friendly site, you may be asking? Most would describe mobile friendly websites as a site that is plainly readable on the small screen of a smart phone.  It would have finger sized buttons to tap. Enabling you to get to the sections you need most when you are on the go, such as directions, a short description, and a tap-to-call button to connect your customers directly to your business with just the tap of a button. That is a mobile friendly site.

86% different results if searched on a cell phone


What isn’t a mobile friendly site? Basically, it’s any of those ‘full sized’ websites, that are impossible to read on a smart phone. That is, impossible without pinching and zooming, to enlarge the text! And then you can only read a portion, of a couple, of sentences at a time! That is not a mobile optimized or friendly site!


So the question is, do I really need a mobile website?

Do I really need Mobile Marketing?

The latest stats are truly staggering. According to CBS news, there are more than 5 Billion cell phones in use worldwide, and over one billion of these are capable of connecting to the internet.


In fact, there are more internet-connected mobile devices than

there are desktop and laptops combined. To me, that is a staggering fact.


Do you really want to miss out on all of those people looking for what your business has to offer?

I didn’t think so!

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