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Mobile Is Key To Reaching Your Audience

Mobile Is Key To Reaching Your Audience

mobile for businessMobile Is Key To Reaching Your Audience

“Whether you’re focused on performance advertising, or building a brand, mobile is key to reaching your audience and making more money.

Research shows 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, so reaching customers on-the-go is more important than ever before.”   According to Google Insights Mobile Ads

When a consumer lands on a local small business website from a smart phone, or a WiFi enabled tablet, they are usually,  at least 80% of the time, looking for just one thing.

The businesses contact information! Either a phone number to call or an address they can drive to.

Consumers. on a smartphone or tablet, are usually NOT looking for the company’s blog, 15 pages of information or a bunch of promotional phrases trying to describe how much better they are.

They just want to find you on their mobile device, to check out your business!! Help them do that, help them find you!

why you need mobile

And, the cost of these types of sites these days is so little, compared to a huge full blown site, there really isn’t any reason not to! Even if you don’t have a regular website, yet, you can cater to the crowd on the move and cash in on the internet era ~ even if you thought you missed out on it ten years ago because you didn’t have a regular or static website or blog!

By providing them something they can easily read on their smart phones, or tablets,  you will have likely made a new customer that day!

These days the business that doesn’t have a one (and expense really isn’t a good argument anymore, because they are, usually, less than a thousand dollars, often only half of that) need to realize they are losing a lot more than the cost in business profitability (probably every month).

57% will not recommend a company that has a shoddy mobile website, to anyone! According to: Anchor Mobile. 
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