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Questions & Answers for Digital Publishing Blueprint

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Questions & Answers for Digital Publishing Blueprint!

The following are questions (in purple) that I’ve found for

Digital Publishing Blueprint

and the answers are below them (usually) in green.

Q)  All I have is a lap top. From what I’ve read and listened to so far I’m out of luck.

A) Not true, you don’t need any Apple products or iPad or iPhone to use this system. You can still publish on Apples Newsstand and not have a single Apple product.

Q) Does Apple Newsstand require you to charge for subscriptions?

A) As far as I know the answer is no, there are publishers in video 2 that say they don’t charge for their magazines.

Q) Is there an app for Android?

Q)  few question: 1. Are you limited to one mag, are could you publish multiple fom this platform? 2. Sounds like Kindle is “coming”. Once a mag is created it this platform, will publishing to Kindle be as simple as pushing an additional button, or will preparing for tht platform be more work? 3. Can you use this platform to publish Kindle e-books?

A)  1. Each license allows you to sell as many issues as you like of say “Cats Monthly’ for as you long as you like with **spoiler alert** no further costs – if you want to dogs monthly you can buy a new licence

2. Kindle is in beta, if you do a text version of your Mag (which you absolutely should – for smaller screens) it will be push button for kindle epub and Web

3.Not really. Two different things really

Q)  Wondering if we will be able to publish more than one mag or will a new app and developer fee be charged for each additional?

A)  Each licence allows you to sell as many issues as you like of say “Cats Monthly’ for as you long as you like with **spoiler alert** no further costs – if you want to dogs monthly you can buy a new licence.

Digital Publishing BlueprintQ)  is going to be an Android based Book Stand anytime soon?

A)  There sort of is but bluntly, no where near as good as newsstand.

Q)  1 question: Can you publish 1 pdf mag and it will be added to the App Store as both ipad and iphone friendly? Obviously the screen sizes are VERY different, and I am wondering how much extra work (if any) is needed to turn an iPad mag into an iphone friendly (narrow screen) edition? I know you can pinch the screen on the phone to zoom in and out, but is there a way to automatically publish 1 pdf that would also show up as a single column, large font format that would read on an iphone without having to zoom in and out?

A)  You can  BUT we dont recommend it for that exact reason! We’ve developed a special version which looks awesome on smaller screen sizes – its a little bit of additional work but it pays off in spades

Q)  what happens to the content on a blog/website, if I launch a magazine? Am I putting unique content in the magazine, not because of duplication, but because there will be a cost for the magazine? Doesn’t this mean I can’t put the same content on my (free to read) blog? Just wondering about the magazine content..

A)  in the video Ed Dale released at the start of the weekend, he takes you through the whole process on content and shares the email we use to get content from your markets biggest players – there is no duplicate content issue because its not a web site!

Q)  how do you get people to subscribe       

A) initially – natural traffic in the newsstand – then good old marketing – we show you a bunch of differnet ways – did you watch the bonus vide double your downloads – its a great example

Q)  how will people know they could subscibe to my magazine? Getting leads will also be a problem, no?

A)  People will find your magazine when searching the App Store which is great. You can also do some very targeted Facebook advertising which is very coo

More Questions & Answers for Digital Publishing Blueprint!


Digital Publishing BlueprintQ) 1. what is the difference beside the fact that this joomag costs less than $20 and has even a free version? 2. What is the difference between Joomag and digital mag cast….?

A)  1. With MagCast you get your own fully functional stand alone Newsstand app that you own and control. With Joomag you appear as a single magazine within their own app (so you don’t own the app at all, you just have a magazine within *their* app).

2. With Joomag you won’t appear in the newsstand, you’ll only be within their app so the user will need to download the Joomag app and then search to find you.

Also, if you want an iPad magazine within the Joomag app you need to have either a ‘Gold’ or ‘Platinum’ subscription. If you read the Joomag website ( it says this: “How it works? If you’re a Gold or Platinum user, then all your publications will be automatically optimized for iPads*. Publications which are published at Joomag will appear in the “Featured” section of the iPad app. Private publications won’t be shown there, but can be still read on iPad either by opening the link of the magazine in Safari or from the embed script.

If you’re a Free or Silver user, you still have a chance to see your magazine in our iPad app, if it’s listed as “Staff Favorite”. Our reviewing team constantly checks all published magazines and marks some of them as favorites.”

Q)  Can i use keynote on my Windows PC, or do i have to use Power Point?

A)  Keynote is a Mac only product so you won’t be able to use that on your PC, but you can use Power Point to create the PDF to import into the MagCast system.

Q) where does the ‘flip page’ technology that many publishers use fit into this scheme? 

A)  completely different

Q)  could I produce a magcast using a client’s DUNS number or SSN so the money flows through their business? Or is your system designed for only ONE business?

A)  Magcasters are producing magazines for other people – its a great business opportunity!

Q)  Can I use this to be a true digital publisher? Am I able to publish different magazines in different markets for different clients using your program and a single Apple account? How would I work that? I don’t, necessarily, have a magazine that I want to publish, but I have a dozen clients that would go bonkers for this as a service.

A))We have magcasters that are doing exactly that – their are some things to consider – as a general rule if you’re going to do this for client get them to do their own apple account – you dont want them bringing down all of your magazines if they start doing porn!!!!

A)  Yes, there is an option to publish more than one magazine (it’s a tiny add on)

Q)  you mean it is possible to publish magazine A issues and magazine B issues? And send separate push notifications to one or the other?  And I assume you can use InDesign to create the pdf?

A)  yes and yes – ill explain the details in the video on monday

Q)  I don’t have time or skill to produce all of my content for the MagCast. Doesn’t seem like this particular model will work for me. Any suggestions?

Digital Publishing Blueprint gives you the template and the tools

A)  all of the published magazines, there are a bunch of those that write *NO* content every month.  what about youtube? and how about forums and long forum posts (always ask permission)

Q)  do I need a mac to PUBLISH my magazine? do I need to be an Apple Developer?

A)  No you don’t need a mac – yes do need to be an Apple developer we walk you through that process.  one account can publish multiple magazines – you pay for a licence for each magazine.

Q)  Is there an Android friendly or Chrome friendly Non Apple , Google Chrome friendly way to publish?

A)  you can publish to Apple newsstand from any platform

Q)  How in the apple newsstand same or different in terms of keyword phases ranking ie from my understanding kindle store is based on keyword revlance?

A)  They are different

Q)  what is that software your using to those interactive graphs?

A)  Its call perspectives – its an iPad app

A) we’ll be supporting kindle next. You don’t market to tools – you market to people who love the stuff in your niche.


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