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Digital Publishing Blueprint

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Digital Publishing Blueprint

No Tech, No Traffic, No eMail List,

No iPhone, NO iPad? = NO PROBLEM!!

The next big thing is NOW

Digital Publishing Blueprint

Ed Dale is releasing his full training and software for publishing your own digital magazine – or MagCast or

Digital Publishing Blueprint

on Apple’s NewsStand, for a VERY limited time (really!).

Get in front of 600 million hot prospects, who with just one-tap on their iPhone or iPad, can order what YOU have to offer.

How beginners succeeded in Digital PublishingHere’s where to get full details:

This is the same, step-by-step system where Ed and 378 of his successful students were able to gain over $1.25 Million customers in less than 11 months… with NO PAID ADVERTISING!

Whether you want…

  • more customers
  • more leads
  • more exposure for your business
  • or whatever…

Publishing your own digital magazine is truly the “next BIG THING”.

It’s up to you to jump in while it’s hot, and so highly effective!

Start Your Own Digital Magazine Today:


There are “FAST ACTION” bonuses that will go away very quickly,

so you need to take advantage of this right away

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Not only do you NOT need a website, product, or a list to make it big with

Digital Publishing Blueprint,

and you DON’T even NEED an iPhone or iPad to achieve massive results as a MagCast Publisher in iTunes!

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Get started now and lock in those “Fast Action” bonuses!

Take care,

Julie R. Bechthold

P.S. Lock in some killer “Fast Action” Bonuses, not to mention the additional bonuses I’m giving to people that sign up through my links (on this page) and spelled out below, by getting Digital Publishing Blueprint now!

¬†Click here to see many other people’s questions about this program and the answers!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them here!

If I don’t have the answers I’ll get you the answers for you.


Also, I went through the questions after the video and summarized them and gave the answers as well. Click here for common questions and the answers about Digital Publishing Blueprint.

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